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Rope 100% Jute 0.24" 19685"

Original price $31.31 - Original price $135.41
Original price
$31.31 - $135.41
Current price $45.13
size: 0.2" x 19685"

This jute rope is very popular in various fields thanks to its universal application. It is ideal for use in agriculture and shipping, but also for private purposes around the house and garden, for instance as a decking handrail or plant support.

This rope is completely environmentally friendly and recyclable as it's made of 100% natural jute. It also has a good tear and abrasion resistance and is thus very durable. The jute rope looks attractive and is soft to the touch.

Please note: this rope is not suitable for climbing, for lifting goods/loads or for use as a swing/a part of a swing.

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