Which Roast Is Right For Me?


The way a coffee bean is roasted will dictate what type of flavor profile you can expect from your coffee, which can range from Light to Dark.

This information becomes extremely helpful when choosing which coffee flavor you prefer, so let us break it down below and guide you on selecting the perfect one for you.


Light Roast - A light roast means that the coffee bean has been roasted at low temperatures for a short amount of time, which preserves the most amount of the bean's flavor and caffeine content.

This roast is perfect as an energy drink due to the high caffeine content, and have a more fruity/floral flavor which is preferred by people who like to drink their coffee black or with a light cream due to the lack of bitterness/acidity that the darker roasts tend to have.


Medium Roast - Medium roast coffees tend to be the go-to coffee for the majority of people. It is roasted at slightly higher temperatures for a slightly longer amount of time which begins to extract some of the natural oils that coffee beans have giving the bean a delicious smoky flavor without being overly acidic like darker roasts.

This roast is what you will typically find in breakfast blends or as the base for flavored coffees, and pairs perfectly with creamers or milk or black with some sugar.


Medium/Dark Roast - A medium dark roast is the perfect in between for coffee beans and what you will usually find in the more artisanal coffee shops. These coffee beans are roasted until the oils from the coffee beans begin to be drawn out but before they acquire the bittersweet acidic flavor of a full dark roast.

You can't go wrong with these beans and should be enjoyed however you want, whether that's simply black or with creamer and sugar. This is the go-to roast for the perfect coffee date.


Dark Roast - A dark roast coffee is a coffee that has been roasted at medium/high temperatures over a longer period of time, almost completely drawing out the oils from the coffee bean and significantly lowering the caffeine levels in the coffee beans.

This is the perfect coffee for people who enjoy the more smokier/acidic tasting coffee or love to mix it with more pronounced creams while still tasting that traditional coffee flavor on the background.