Which Grind Should I Pick?

Selecting your grind type is going to depend on which type of coffee maker you have at home, and what type of result you are trying to get from your brew.

To make it simple, we have broke it down below for the most common types of coffee makers you can easily find in most homes.

Pour-Over or Drip Machines - This is the most commonly used type of coffee maker in the U.S. They brewing method is hot water being poured over a paper or cloth filter filled with coffee grounds. We recommend a Standard Grind for this type of coffee makers..

Espresso Machines - As the name implies, these are machines used to make espresso coffee which is coffee brewed under pressure by steam or electric pumps, basically what you see baristas operating. We recommend choosing the Espresso Grinds for this type of coffee maker.

Percolators - A slightly more rare household coffee maker, percolators are composed of three parts, a bottom water reservoir, a small metallic filter where you put your coffee grounds which goes in the middle, at an upper container where the coffee shoots up after the water boils and raises from the bottom reservoir and through the filter. We recommend a Coarse Grind for this type of coffee maker.

French Press - The ever-popular French press is what more serious coffee drinkers prefer to use because it allows them much more control over their brew. We recommend using a Coarse or Standard Grind for this type of coffee maker.

Turkish Coffee Maker - Turkish coffee makers are on the rise as more and more people look for ways to get the most out of their coffee and discover more traditional methods of preparation. We recommend using Fine to Very Fine Grinds for this type of coffee maker.

*We currently do not offer Fine Grinds because it causes the coffee beans to lose their flavor extremely quickly after grinding. We recommend purchasing whole beans and then grinding them at home as needed.*