Aries Hooded Blanket

The Blanket You Never Knew You Needed! Comfortable, stylish, warm, and oh so cozy!

Our hooded blankets are so dang good that you'll never want to wear anything else!

Wear it inside, curling up on the couch with a nice cup o' cocoa in your hands


Wear it outside, turning heads and making haters hate, you're going to love every minute of your new hooded blanket.

What makes this blanket so good:

It's made with premium sherpa wool to keep you warm, comfortable, and feeling like you're getting hugged by the world's fluffiest doggo.

Designs are printed using a sublimation process, which means your colors will never run, fade or wash off, so your blanket will always look like it never had to live through 2020.

Looks supremely cool, spread your arms and show the world who you are! (Warning: May cause irresistible urge to show off and/or flash people 😜)

Wear it as a cloak, hoodie, blanket, or on one of those lazy, don't-know-what-to-wear days, you really can't go wrong with this hooded blanket!

Fabric Details:

Premium Sherpa: Plush 100% polyester Sherpa lining with an ultra-smooth micro-mink polyester face.

Size Chart:

Adult: 80" wide x 60" tall

Youth: 60" wide x 40" tall

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